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What is a NOLO PLEA?

Atlanta, GA |

I want to plea "NOLO" but I don't really know what it is? Can u help me?

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See links for general answers about nolo pleas to traffic tickets.


A "nolo" plea or "nolo contendre" is a fancy latin term for "no contest." You are essentially telling the court that you do not with to admit nor deny the allegations against you, and you do not wish to contest the charges. It is an alternative to pleading guilty and accepting the punishment of the court. Whether you should plead nolo contendre is a fact specific question. In some circumstances, it is beneficial. In others, would you be wasting it. A plea of nolo contendre may only be used once every five years in Georgia for certain offenses and cannot be asserted as a matter of right. The court has the discretion to accept or reject the plea of nolo contendre.