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What is a motion for a lost capias? i just got a letter in the mail from the court

Boston, MA |
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What side of the case are you on? If you are the creditor, this motion is to replace the civil arrest warrant you already obtained but have lost. If you are the debtor, which I suspect since you are interested in dismissal, this motion means your creditor has to go thru another hoop, but likely will prevail, a new capias will be obtained and a constable will eventually be looking for you. The capias means this case has already gone to judgment. If by trial and there was no appeal, no you as debtor won't be getting this dismissed. If the judgment was by default, you as debtor have to file a motion to vacate the default, which has certain criteria, and if successful then you have to defend against your creditor's claims.


Have you moved since the case was heard? The capias may have been returned for an invalid address and lost, requiring the judgment creditor to obtain a new one.

No, a lost capias alone is not grounds for dismissal.

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