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What is a letter of disposition and what might it say in regards to my case?

El Paso, TX |

i recently was offered a job in my city. they did a background check on me and it turned out that i had 3 warrants i remember i bonded out and paid the fines. this was back in 1989 i cleared one
throught the D.A. and the other two i requested a letter of disposition. when i asked whether i had any warrants with this city the warrants clerk said i did not have and warrants and they also did not show any for that year all they showed was that i bonded out of jail and did the time. What might the letter say when i get it in the mail these tickets were for no insurance and busted headlights. I am just a little concern as to what the letter might state as I need it for this job offer. Thanks


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Generally, when we talk about dispositions, we're really talking about how a case is completed or ended. In a traffic case, when we ask, "What was the disposition," we're asking about the final result of the case. An attorney in Texas can advise you about more specific info.

As a general matter, a letter of disposition or court docket should show how a case ended. You should obtain your criminal history to see what's on your record. Each case, however, has some sort of disposition, and if a case file or docket states something different than what actually happened, this might or might not be able to be corrected, but because 1989 is so long ago, you might have limited options. For further assistance, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in the area in which the offenses occurred.

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