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What is a letter of bona fide marriage exemption?

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It is a letter written and filed along with an I-130 petition by a US citizen on behalf of an alien, based on a marriage that occured after the alien was placed into removal proceedings. If properly filed with supporting documentation, it can overcome the presumption that the alien contracted the marriage in question for the sole purpose of avoiding deportation.



ok so if marriage done & joint i130 filed before NTA (removal proceedings) started does that mean no bona fide marriage exemption is needed right?

Obadan Unuigbojie Iziokhai

Obadan Unuigbojie Iziokhai


Yes, it means you do not need a bona fide exemption.


A letter/affidavit stating that the marriage was bona fide when entered into and requesting an exemption from the joint filing requirement. The letter must be accompanied with the proper petition/application.


I agree with my colleagues.

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