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What is a law against put a stop payment on a personal check in state of Ohio?

Cincinnati, OH |

I have loaned 2,000.00 cash to my ex boy friend and he wrote me a check for it. And when I tried to deposit it at my bank the check
bounced. The reason is he put a stop payment on the check. I call my bank to see what to do and they told me to contact him and have him issue another check for me. But I don't want to contact him. Should I contact a local police?

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Why would you loan someone $2,000.00 if they could write a check for that amount? Was it post-dated?

You've got a civil option and a criminal option. You could just sue your ex in small claims court for the $2,000.00

Or, you could contact the local law enforcement agency (police or sheriff, depending on where you were when you made the loan) and report it as a theft by deception. R.C. 2913.02. Because the amount involved is more than $500, but less than $5,000.00, it would be a fifth-degree felony theft offense.

It could also constitute as fifth-degre felony passing bad checks. R.C. 2913.11. But they won't charge him with both.

I'd call your ex and tell him to pay up or else you'll have to report him.