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What is a Governor's Warrant?

Pocatello, ID |

if someone in jail in another state has a Governor's Warrant issued , what does that mean?

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A Governor's Warrant is issued to obtain the presence of a person in one State, when the person is actually in custody in another State. They are commonly used to enforce the return of an individual who has not waived extradition to the requesting State. While the process is occurring, it is not likely that the person for whom the Warrant is being obtained will be able to get bailed out in the State where they are being incarcerated. Unfortunately, by my experience, this type of process usually signals that the requesting State has what they believe to be a strong case aginst the person for whom the Warrant is being sought, and usually for fairly serious charges. I strongly urge you to discuss this in-person with an experienced criminal defense lawyer admitted to practice law in either of these two States, who has experience in interstate extradition and the Interstate Compacts. Good luck.

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