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What is a good line of defense for fighting a Blocking Intersection Ticket (VC 22526A) in California?

Menlo Park, CA |

I entered the intersection when the light was green, attempting to make a left turn. Intersection was very large and busy other cars in parallel lanes were also turning. Also, other cars got stuck in the intersection when the light turned, mine just happened to be the farthest out and I moved it as soon as I could.

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For this type of ticket I would suggest you get an attorney to fight this. You need an attorney to create some doubt at the trial.


I am not too sure you provided enough facts for us to assist you. Did the light turn red and you were blocking the intersection? Was there some reason why you could not make the turn on yellow - i.e. pedestrians, avoiding a potential accident because another driver ran a late yellow/red? It may serve you best to hire an attorney to fight this ticket for you. Most attorneys will charge between 300 and 400 for their service which when you consider that you will spend the better part of two days in court if you did this on your own is certainly worth the money.

The above answer is for general information only and is based on the information you posted. Every case is fact dependent, so to get a thorough analysis of your situation, you will need to consult face to face with an attorney licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where the incident took place. Do not conclusively rely on any information posted online when deciding what to do about your case.


Might be able to show mitigation, but negative on defense. Talk to a traffic attorney.

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