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What is a FL condo-homeowner liable for in terms of past due HOA assessments in an HOA foreclosure?

Palm Harbor, FL |

My wife and bought a condo in Florida in 2005 and lived there for 2 yrs before moving out of state. We couldn't sell, so we rented it out, but throwing good money after bad wasn't something we wanted to do any more. We stopped paying the mortgage in 2009- It killed her credit, but didn't impact mine. 1st lien bank filed finally foreclosure last November. We continued paying hoa fees until then , and now haven't paid hoa for 9 months, since we stopped renting it when they filed. Now, the HOA has filed foreclosure suit, and we have past due HOA fees. What will I be liable for once the foreclosure (bank or HOA) finally occurs? We can't pay the back assessments. My name is on the HOA suit, but not the bank suit. Will this hurt my credit now, too, or just hers, like the bank? thanks

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I agree with the answer given. Also, if you live in the unit they HOA can foreclose on the unit and evict you. HOA fees need to be taken care of.

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