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What is a felony diversion program ?

Miami, FL |

I went to court 2 weeks ago and they offered me a felony diversion program since it was my first time getting in trouble. They told me after completing the 6-month program, all charges will be dropped.

Would all the charges be completely dropped? Could I still get a federal job?

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A diversion is almost always a good way to resolve your case. Your attorney can and should explain the details of what you are required to do to complete successfully.

I assume you mean: will I still be able to get a "federal" job if my case is dropped? I'd think there's no prohibition to federal employment if the charges are dropped, depending on the charge, if you otherwise qualify for the job you are seeking.


A diversion program is an alternative avenue offered to some Criminal Defendants. It normally consists of community service, classes, and fines. A time frame in which to complete the requirements is also given. If you complete all the requirements, normally the charges would be dropped at the conclusion of the program.

At that point, even though the charges are dropped, they can still appear on a criminal background check. Therefore, I would suggest Record Seal.

I would suggest contacting an Attorney directly to better advise you on your specific diversion program and other alternatives that may be available to you.


Short and simple: diversion, if completed successfully, gets the charges dropped. With that said, if you are looking to get a federal job, whether or not the feds will look disfavorably (or look at the diversion at all) will depend on the job and the question asked by the federal employer regarding your criminal past. Get an attorney.

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