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What is a father to do when the mother is making false accusations to keep custody.

Jackson, NJ |

My (going through the divorce now) ex wife has filed false accusations of phsyical abuse and drug abuse against me in order to keep custody of our 2 year old child. Her family makes a lot more money so they can afford all legal fees which I cannot. I have gone through countless drug tests, am in the process of doing anger management classes, and in the process of clearing the terroristic threats charge she filed against me. I've cleared my name on all of it.I have never abused either of them. I have supervised visitation everyother week for 5 hours. I want more time with my daughter, but her mother is making that impossible and even refused to let our 2 year old see my 5 year old (from a previous relationship) for her birthday.How do I get more time when I've already proven myself innocent

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If you can document that all her statements are false, you should consult with an attorney over modifying your parenting time arrangement.