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What is a divorce case study vs. custody trial?

Burlington, WI |

What is a divorce case study? How do I get a case study? How much does a case study cost? What happens in a divorce custody trial will I be able to show all my evidence? I am going thru a divorce in Kenosha, Wi court system. I have a GAL for my children but when we went to court the GAL did not discuss any of the domestic violence or the recent charges against my husband were he pleaded no contest to threatening to kill me over the phone just recently or the fact that my husband just got his second DUI or the fact that my husband lives over 45min away from my children's school and has his mother transporting the children to school but refuses to keep them in sports or any other school functions outside of normal school hours.

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You should consult with an attorney right away. Every county is different. Some counties conduct custody studies through the county upon request. I am unsure if Kenosha is one of those. If not, there are very few private social workers who do them. At a custody trial, you will be able to present all of your evidence and the judges decides the case. However, the recommendation of the GAL is given great deference. It is very difficult to win a custody trial over the recommendation of a GAL without an attorney. I strongly suggest you retain the services of an experienced family law attorney.


A custody study consists of an experienced social worker completely investigating your case and making a recommendation to the court as to what is in the best interests for your children. The advantage to a custody study is that the social worker can testify at trial, while a Guardian ad Litem can not. while a Guardian ad Litem is granted deference by a Court, the judge is not obligated to follow his or her recommendation. My office offers free initial consultations and we can be reached at (414)225-0225.