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What is a deposition in a worker comp case?

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Depositions provide both side to establish there strengths or weaknesses that they might have in a case and give them an opportunity to explore what else they might need to know or ask at trial.

Its not the final step but it means that the case will settle or go at trial SOON.


A deposition of the injured worker in a workers' compensation claim is a chance for defense counsel to ask the injured worker questions reasonably calculated to the discovery of admissible evidence. For instance, you will likely be asked questions regarding your injury, prior injuries and how your injury impacts your life. In California, the deposition is not the final step of discovery before settlement; however, there are times where I am able to enter into a settlement with my opposition at the time of the deposition. It is highly advisable to have counsel at your deposition to prepare you for the same. Good luck.

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A Deposition is essentially a legal interview, where both sides take turns asking you questions about a legal matter. It is conducted outside of the Court, but your testimony is given under legal oath subject to penalty of Perjury. I try to settle cases at a Deposition, because it is generally the first time that all parties are in the same room.

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Why do u try to settle your cases in a deposition ?


Here is everything you need to know about what is a South Carolina Workers' Compensation Deposition: