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What is a default order regarding a child support case?

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I filed for child support against my daughter's dad. He in turn requested DNA genetic testing. I received a notice of hearing in the mail stating "Please take notice that the above capitioned matter has been set for hearing before the Honarable (judge's name) " so fourth and so on. At the bottom of the letter it says DO not arrive late. You cannot enter the courtroom after the door is locked and a default order will be entered against you. Does that apply to me, the mother, if I don't show up? I have been to a child support hearing before for another child where the father did not show up so they just made him pay by default. I'm assuming if I don't show up the default will not be entered against me but it more applies to the father. I'm asking because I do not wish to attend this hearing.

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IF the potential biological father has responded in legal pleadings and requested DNA testing you need to show up. If the DNA testing confirms what you believe (that he is the father) then the court will order him to pay child support for his child. It sounds as if he may be potentially contesting the child support order, so I would show up to make sure that everything is represented correctly to the court. Good Luck.

Michael Hughes, Esq.

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