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What is a companys liablilty when it comes to releasing confidential and personal information to another customer?

Lexington, SC |

A company whom i have an account with has crossed my account with another customers account and I have gone to them three times trying to get this corrected. I took them copies of another customers personal account info that I was able to see when i logged on to my account. They were to have had this fixed and i had to set up a new user ID account for mine. I have done this and its been fine for the last three months. However, in my personal email account tonight i have received 2 emails with info on this other customer. Matter of fact It looks like they are moving and i have the new address. And i can see what service they are setting up to be done and what date/ and time the service will be performed. i have copies of emails and info I viewed while logged into my acct with this company

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Do you think that they are getting your information? You probably do not have any cause of action against the company for getting someone elses information. But depending on the infromation the other party might.