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What is a class c failure to protect cps charge in washington state

Vancouver, WA |

is it a misdominor or a felony charge and does it effect you getting a job.

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I'm not sure, based upon the information you have provided, what specific charge you are asking about. If you could find the charging document--usually called the "information" or "complaint"--and provide exactly what the charge is called, preferably with the statutory citation--the part that has an "RCW" followed by a series of numbers and periods--and I may be able to answer your question.

As to your second question--about whether it may affect a person's ability to get a job--the answer is that it depends. Depends upon how serious the crime charged is (your felony/misdemeanor question). Depends upon how serious the crime of *conviction* is. And depends upon what the job is. Some employers prefer people who have never been charged or convicted of *any* crime. Others are only concerned with the more serious crimes, or crimes related to the job. A retail establishment may not care, for example, if you're involved in a bar fight and end up convicted of an assault, but doesn't want to hire anyone with a theft conviction, regardless of the specifics.

Keep in mind that just because you’re reading this answer does not make me your attorney, and therefore nothing written here constitutes legal advice targeted at your situation. Because the law is so often fact-sensitive, you’d be remiss in relying on anything I write without having spoken with me first, and I’d ask you not to do that. If you have any specific questions, give me a call at (360) 352-8004, or contact me directly via email at, and I'll try and help you out.

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