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What is a case worth if I sue for denial of reasonable accommodations.

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I was on federal supervision and I was denied reasonable accommodations. The probation officers placed me in a transitional house whose only entry and exit was by stairs. All of my BOP and civilian doctors have ordered me to avoid all stairs. PO knew of medical issues. I was exposed to daily second hand cigarette smoke as an asthmatic. The director of the transitional house illegally evicted me because I requested to be excused from a meeting because of cigarette smoke. I had no where to go, called PO. I had found a town home one month before but PO never inspected if for approval. Landlord told me that I could move in early cause he didn't want me to be homeless. before being kicked out of transitional house I was forced to participate in cult religion .

My placement in the transitional house was wrong also. It was for people with drug and alcohol addictions and I never had any issues with substance abuse. As a result of being illegally evicted from the transtional house my probation was revoked without due process or the probation officers trying to understand my delema. The probation officers and their supervisor totally ignored my request for safer housing. It is my plan to sue but I am unsure how much I would be able to receive.

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Respectfully, it is entirely premature to be concerned with hou much you might be able to collect. On these facts it is not a certainty that you can maintain any legal action, nor that you will be successful or obtain damages in any amount. You need to consult with a local civil rights attorney who practices in prisoner's and post-conviction rights to determine whether there is a sound claim here and how to go forward. .

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Attorney McCall is absolutely correct. It's not clear that you have a case. I suggest that you post no more of your facts in a public forum, and consult with a prisoner rights attorney. Good luck.

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