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What is a 3 day notice to cure breach or quit?

San Diego, CA |

i am not sure what it means? we got one on our door and im a little confused. I need to know what it means. is it an eviction?

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If the landlord wants to evict you, this is the first step. Read the notice in its entirety. It also is telling you that you are doing something in violation of your lease agreement. That's why the notice says "Notice to Cure Breach". It should state what you are doing to "breach the lease" which could range from a number of issues, like noise, trash, parking, etc. If you correct whatever is in the notice, then you will no longer be in breach. You should seek a legal consultation with a landlord/tenant attorney in your area as this notice gives you little time.

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Are youy past due in your rent or otherwise in breach of the lease? if not, ask the landlord why the notice was posted. It is the beginning of the evication process, so you need to act quickly. The next step will probably be an unlawful detainer complaint served on you.



It is an eviction notice. A 3-day notice to perform covenant or quit must specify very clearly how you are breaching the lease or rental agreement. If you do not comply with what is stated therein, you could be sued in an unlawful detainer lawsuit following the expiration of the 3 days.

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