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What is a "Scheduling Hearing" and how is that different from the uncontested divorce hearing?

Rockville, MD |

I have filed my complaint for absolute divorce, served my husband papers and then received a "Notice of Scheduling Hearing and Order of Court" in the mail. My husband has not yet filed an answer. I'm just trying to understand if I need my corroborating witness at this scheduling hearing or is that for another hearing down the line?


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A Scheduling Hearing usually involves setting deadlines and future court dates. I would not advise my client to bring her/his witness with him to a Scheduling Hearing.


On Montgomery County once you file your service of process papers the assignment office generated a scheduling conference. If more than 30 days (if in state) or 60 days (out of state) has passed you will be required to file a Motion for Default along with a Military Affidavit certifying he is not in the military. You will not get an uncontested divorce on the scheduling conference date based on what you have indicated in your question.

The answer to this question is general in nature and does not create an attorney client relationship.

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