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What is 3rd party contact mean in a no contact order?

Auburn, WA |

My son who has a nco for his daughter had photos given to him just minutes before a DSHS meeting because the caseworker requested photos.; I had handed him the photos from my breifcase. DSHS is saying he violated the nco because he had recent photos and because he knew the name of his daughter favorite book. He lives with me (because of nco) and I have photos and her favorite book at my home. It is rediculously impossible for him not to see the book or photos. DSHS has been out to get him from the beginning. Whatt do we do.

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The prohibition on third party contact in a no-contact order means that your son cannot have another person (i.e. third person) make contact with the protected party (in this case, his daughter) on his behalf. Unless your son directed you to have contact with his daughter or you contacted his daughter on your son's behalf, it does not appear that there is a violation of the no-contact order. I strongly suggest that your son contact an attorney, such as myself, who has experience defending against alleged violations of no-contact orders.

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