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What is "ORDER DETERMINING HOMESTEAD " from a Administrative Hearing Probate court? & what is "life estate"? from online dockett

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My Father Died with out a will. He was married for a short time to a woman not our mother when he passed. Amoung the rest of his assets the house was his before the marriage and in his name only. My broyther has went alone trying to work on this but I now need to get knowledgable & involved. The living spouse moved out nearly immediately abondonming the house. Not only are we interested in the property as his beneficiaries it needs cared for before the city begins hitting it with code violations & fines & they take the house. We have mowed the front yard but th eback property is waist high & other problems that the neighbors are upset with. So brother filed & he cant explain anything to me because he doesnt understand. I want to know what the dockett means, what took place so far & our r

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Wow. I think you are both badly in need of legal representation. If the property was homesteaded, the spouse would have the right to remain there for the rest of her life. It appears she has abandoned that, but that is something you need to make sure of. The last thing you want to do is pour a lot of money into this and then have the spouse show up and move back in.

I would have an attorney look at this as soon as possible.

James Frederick

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I agree with Mr. Frederick. It sounds as though you and your brother are in need of legal representation. Such expenses (costs of administering the Estate, including attorney fees) will come out of the Estate, so it would be a good idea for your brother hire an attorney before any important deadlines or other legal determinations are made.

As far as the Order Determining Homestead, this is a legal and binding determination of who is entitled to possession and/or ownership of the Property. Without knowing your specific facts, nor knowing what the Order states, it is hard to provide any analysis.

To reiterate from before, your brother (assuming he is the designated Personal Representative) should contact a local probate attorney to assist with this Estate. Office tel: (561)245-4723 Website: The answer provided does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is the answer provided intended to be relied upon as legal advice. The information provided by the questioner is insufficient to serve as the basis for meaningful legal analysis. It is the questioner's responsibility to seek legal advice from an attorney who has had the opportunity to familiarize herself with the full details of the questioner's case. By providing these answers, I am not obligated to respond to any subsequent communication from the questioner. If the questioner would like me to serve as their legal counsel and render legal advice, they will have to sign a retainer agreement. The questioner is free to contact my office for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.


My colleagues are both correct. If you are looking to become knowledgable and involved at this point, you and your brother should go consult with a local probate attorney. You need to take all of your documentation with you so that the analysis can be detailed. From the analysis, you will be able to get direction on how to proceed. As for the above meanings, the order determining homestead is likely the court seeking to determine who the appropriate title holder is or whether the surviving spouse had filed a homestead. As for the life estate question, the court is probably seeking to determine if the surviving spouse is entitled to a life estate in the property. That would meant that she has the right to possession of the property until she dies. You need a local probate attorney for assistance, don't delay.

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