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What is "case management conference"?

Chino, CA |

im in a process of divorce right now and the court granted my soon to be ex-wife the motion to be relieved as counsel in other words her lawyer quit on her, and the court scheduled a CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE...what is case management conference? and what happens during this hearing or conference? thank you

please help!!!!!!!!

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A Case Management Conference is a time when the judge tries to find out what needs to be done in the case by the court. You should check the local court rules on whether you need to file any paper before the CMC. Normally, the judge will want to know whether the spouses will settle the issues, or a trial needs to be set, or a settlement conference may be helpful, or whatever it takes to move the case forward. You may be able to appear by telephone: check the local court rules. Normally, you do not argue the issues themselves (it is not a hearing on the merits), but talk generally about what issues (property, support, child custody, domestic violence orders, early change of status, etc.) need attention and how you are going to take care of the issues.

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