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What if you violate probation and the judge put you sentence in effect?

Gallatin, TN |

Do you finish your time left on probation or do u go back and do the full two years . ?

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It's not clear from the question what you are asking, but if you had a two year suspended sentence and were put on probation, if the court determined that you violated the terms of your probation, the court could certainly sentence to the two years which were suspended. Your sentence could be what ever time the court ordered at the time of sentencing but did not impose.

You would be well advised to discuss your rights to contest the probation violation with a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction and see what defenses you might have to revocation of your probation.


Once your probation is violated , you serve the sentence.Most sentences in Tennessee have a release eligibilty date.For example, A two year sentence as a Standard Range I offender would be eligible for release after serving 30% of the sentence.However , a sentence of two years or less would be a determinative sentence.The bottom line is if the judge violates you and puts the sentence into effect you do the time.

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