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What if you knew of an attorney who forged the notary signature wiith out the notaryis knowledge on a deed to a home

Tempe, AZ |

with a seriusly mentally ill woman

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This is a very serious ethical violation on the part of the attorney. In NY where I practice lawyers have been disbarred for doing this. It is not an accusation to be made lightly. If you are sure this happened, the lawyer should be reported to the disciplinary authorities. The victim of the fraud or her guardian, if she has one can sue to have the deed nullified. If she has since died, the legal representative of the estate could do this. It is no easy undertaking to set aside a deed, however, especially if an innocent person bought the property in good faith, and/or it happened a long time ago.

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If you think a lawyer has committed an ethical violation, you can report him/her to the State Bar of Arizona --

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The exact nature of the fraud you are referring to is not clear, but the victim will probably want to avoid the transfer effected by the deed. In connection with that action the carelessness of the notary (whose seal was used fraudulently) needs to be documented. All costs of undoin the transfer and correcting the forged deed should be claimed agains the notary's bond. Such a claim will also likely cause the notary to surrender the seal.

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