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What if the mother of my child hasnt put her in school what can happen to her its been 3 weeks and no school yet?

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she has me on child support so i dont know what to do,and shes at my house 95% of the time

and in top of that she doesnt let me sign her up at school because she said she will take her out as soon i put her in the school and shes not doing anything i dont see why i got to pay child support when shes with me always she is barely with her mom and she doesnt even pay for anything,we get her the clothes,school supplies,food,toys,and everything you can think of

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Take the child and enroll her in school. You do not indicate if you and the mother were married or not but I am guessing you were not. If that is the case you need to file a Petition to establish Paternity, yes even if you are listed as the child's father on the birth certificate, within that Petition you need to request the implementation of a parenting plan and time sharing plan that reflects the time you have historically had with the child as well as request that the child support be recalculated to reflect that time sharing plan. I suspect that your child support was calculated by DOR without recognition of your time sharing with the child.


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If the child is at your house 95% of the time, then why haven't YOU enrolled her in school?!?

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i was going to enroll her but her mother said that if i enrolled her that she was going to come and take her off but if she does that shes going to end up back to us again she barely lives with her like shes suppose to



like what should i do about this?


First, enroll the child in school ASAP because the state of Florida does not allow children to miss more than 10 unexcused absences. It does not matter who has the child at the time of enrollment, but what matters is that your kid starts school today. Also, make sure to set up some type of meeting with the principal of the school and/or the teacher to make sure they are aware of the current situation. I'm sure that your child is already behind in all subjects and she may need assistance in catching up. It seems to me, as i'm a Family attorney that you may want to seek a modification to allow yourself to have equal time sharing with the mother of the child. This will also have the court revise the monthly child support payments, which in turn can allow you to reduce or even annul payments. You can contact my office at 954-785-9280 or send me an email through my website at I practice in West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade county.



i will do everything you said i will contact you and tell you the situation ,i talked to the mother of my daughter and she keeps saying shes trying to come up with money for daycare that supposely its 128 for day care when to be honest i think its a lie because she lives off from the government she gets food stamps and etc and she saying she cant put her in school because of that its about to be a month since she hasnt been in school and because of her she doesnt let me put her in it, and she said that if i sign her up to school that she was going to take her out for nothing she just doesnt want to look like the bad mother if we have her thats why,is it ok if i called you and told you the situation


One thing no one has mentioned, if a child remains out of school and is not home-schooled within the parameters required by law, eventually the parent who has actual custody of the child will get a visit from the truancy officer and will be hauled into court to explain why his child is not in school. There are legal penalties for not schooling your child in addition to the very obvious, lifelong repercussions for the child of not getting even a basic education. Education should ALWAYS be a priority.

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