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What if tenants refuse to leave at the end of their lease date?

Petaluma, CA |

I will be giving a 60 day and 30 day letter reminding my tenants to vacate by the agreed upon lease ending date. What if they say they have not found a new place by that time?? How do I get them out?

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The only way to get them out is by filing an unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuit. Do not hesitate. Once they are served with the summons and complaint, they have 5 days to file a response. If they do not file an answer you can enter their default. Otherwise, if they file an answer, you have file a request for a trial day, which will be 15-20 days out. Then if you win at trial, you have to get a Writ that the sheriff will serve,; the sheriff will give them 5 days, then will physically remove them. Thus, it will take a month.

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Mr. Falcone is correct. Keep in mind that if you accept rent from the tenants after the expiration of the lease term, they will become month-to-month tenants.


I agree with the other attorneys. If the tenant refuses to leave, start eviction proceeding ASAP, accept no more rent as this will create a new month to month tenancy.

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