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What if someone have a third party case in work related injury.

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My friend works at o'hare at terminal 5. he was injured in the bag room where he works but the company responsible for the bag room is not his employer. He didnt get a chance to take pics of the damaged property because it was fixed in minutes by a person with forklift who doesnt even work for my friends company. but have few eye witnesses. now he is required surgery.If even it turns out its a third party case, how long does it usually take? do companies start offering settlements as soon as they see a lawsuit. How long does it take for attorney to even reach the compary once they are identified as the responsible one? Do u think my friend can request city of chicago to verify any repair report that was made for that damaged property. It caused him serious injury.

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It certainly sounds like your friend has a third-party case, but I'd like to know more about the facts of the case. How did the injury occur? A third party case can take quite some time -- a number of months, perhaps a year, sometimes even longer. If your friend had surgery and was seriously injured, you don't want to rush the case anyhow. When you try to rush a case, you're telling the other side that you're not really very injured and you'll accept a small settlement (This is sometimes referred to as a "nuisance" claim -- and it definitely sounds like your friend's case is more serious than that). A good attorney can make contact with the third-party right away, and can use various subpoena and discovery tactics to obtain the repair reports. We do this kind of thing on a regular basis, and I would be delighted to assist you. In fact, we've settled a number of airport injury cases.

Please call toll-free at 1-866-337-2900.

Mark S. Guralnick, Esq.


Your friend has a workman's comp. claim. Contact an experienced workman's compensation lawyer in your area. They can explain the timeline of this particular type of claim.


The reason that you're getting answers that seem a little contradictory is because it's hard to tell from the facts you've given us whether you friend has just a worker's compensation case or a comp case and direct action against a third party. The time frames for a comp case and a third party case are different, as are the amounts that your friend can expect to receive if he wins. The best thing for your friend to do is to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney right away. This shouldn't cost anything and will allow the attorney to gather the necessary facts to give your friend solid advice on what to do and what his options are before proceeding. Because your friend didn't get photos, I urge him to contact a lawyer right away-- the quicker he moves, the more likely that the evidence will be able to be preserved. Best of luck

Michael W. Clancy


Your friend will have to hire a lawyer-the process is complex.
Usually, much of the evidence you descibe can be obtained by an experienced lawyer using the discovery process.

Feel free to call me--I'm licensed in Illinois and work in Chicago.


It is idiotic to suggest that a case like the one you have described could be finished in a year. Only a lawyer licensed in a state other than Illinois would say that. It's obvious he has no idea what the time line is. As for the Georgia lawyer, the man is clearly correct, but the claim may be much more complex.

Mr. Clancy has given an excellent answer with which I agree completely. It's important that a consultation take place as soon as possible so evidence isn't lost any the more than already it has been. My only additional advice is that the lawyer selected should be one who is experienced in these kinds of cases and not someone who is just hustling cases and wet behind the ears.

Good luck.

Donald Nathan


Your friend should definitely speak with an attorney, perhaps more than one. If your friend would like some help getting started, I would be happy to point him in the right direction. I can answer his questions and recommend some experienced Chicago attorneys who I think would be right for his case (or cases). You can reach me at 1-312-346-5320.

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