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What if my employer doesnt trying stop to get me to work, i have been declared P&S but have become worse in condition?

Woodland Hills, CA |

I started with a spinal injury and now i have achilles tendonits according to my regular doctor but insurance doctor doesnt even want to hear my concern. When I return to work should i file a new claim with new carrier or advise my employer that im in pain ? Can I hold them accountable becuase they are fully neglecting my disability? 2nd claim new carrier? Requieres me to stand for long periods of time? Or file for depression becuase i can not focus at this point ? I work with hazardous chemicals (lab setting).


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I will answer the questions starting with your Spinal injury. If your "regular" doctor indicates that the achilles tendenitis is secondary to your spinal injury, then you should reopen your case and continue with the same case. However, this injury does not seem to be related to the original injury. If this is caused by prolonged standing or other factors over a period of time, then you have a new claim for continuous trauma. Depression or any type of psychological injury is very difficult to prove since you have to show that you pass a threshold of 50% before the case is accepted.