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What if my dui fines go to collection in Sacramento county? i finished dui school.

Woodland, CA |

i am one year into probation, no money to buy a car, install the device and pay for sr22. in Sacramento county late payments are $35 extra, was wondering what happens if i can't pay the court fines, but i did the school, not drinking and no plans to drive

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Sacramento Department of Revenue and Recovery can refer the case back to court for non-payment. A letter should go out to the individual advising of the court date at the last known address and if the individual does not show up, there will be a failure to appear noted and a bench warrant issued.


Any unpaid fines in Sacramento are eventually converted into a civil judgment and can be collected like any other unpaid bill, which mean dealing with a collection agency. You should really try to work out something with the Department of Revenue Recovery or you'll be dealing with a bill collector at some point.

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If you fail to pay the fine, the DMV will be notified, and you will not be able to get a license back for failure to pay the fine. Even if you do not intend to get a driver's license at this time, you should go back to court and make arrangements to do work to help pay the fine which is usually at $10 per hour, so it is a lot of hours, but this will help you with the court, your probation, and collection problems. There is a certain amount of the fine that you cannot work off, but don't delay go back to court, call your lawyer and let him or her know your situation, or if you did this on your own, go back and have the court help you. The court will appreciate the fact that you took this serious and are trying to meet your requirements. Donald Drewry