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What if ive done everything other than paying my fines(due to financial reasons), taken my 3 month dui class/completed a5mdrug p

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It's a bit unclear what you were convicted of but it appears you were convicted of a misdemeanor drug DUI. It further seems you are asking how you can early terminate your probation (which is presumably a standard term of 3 years). Assuming all of this correct (that's a lot to assume since you were unclear), you can file a motion for early probation termination (Cal. P.C. 1203.3). You must have completed any requirements of probation (fines, community service, etc) before the judge will order early probation termination. Therefore you can forget about this unless and until you pay off your fines. Often the court will grant early termination of probation if you've completed at least 1/2 of your probation, this is your first offense, and you have good character and professional references. Finally, you should hire an attorney for this. Since you can't pay your fines, I think it makes most sense to save up and pay off your fines. Then when you have money you can terminate probation. Additionally you can also seek to have the matter expunged under 1203.4. Good luck.


You need to pay your fines before you even start thinking about early release. You need to give the judge a reason to release you early.

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The courts will not terminate early until all your obligations are met.


You will not be able to terminate your probation early until the fine is paid in full. Start making payments on the fine since sooner or later you may need to ask for an extension and in Long Beach an extension will only be granted if a significant portion of the fine is paid. Otherwise it is likely that you will be remanded into custody.

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All terms of probation must be completed before termination early. You may
be able to get the fine reduced because of your financial situation or some
of it converted to public work service.

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