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What if I was caught by police on 10/25 for speeding and purchased insurance after get back home the same day?

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My insurance was canceled on August and after caught by police I purchased the insurance as soon as I get back home. Would that be serious? What's the penalty? I am in Columbus OH.

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Since you were driving without insurance at the time of the incident, you could be charged for that too. Buying it after the fact is not likely to work since the ticket has a time on it and so will the insurance binder. They might miss it but I would not count on it. I'd get a lawyer to fight the speeding ticket and, if necessary, the driving uninsured. Maybe a deal can be made.

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If you're trying to commit fraud that is bad. Insurance typically does not help with a ticket for speeding, but driving without insurance is cause for a ticket by itself. If you were not ticketed for the no insurance, pay your speeding ticket and count yourself lucky.

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I need go to the court and provide with a proof of insurance. Should I provide the new one I got? Thanks!


Often an attempt to deceive personnel at the clerk's office or Bureau of Motor Vehicles leads to an additional charge- False Info to Mislead a Public Official. You have to defend against the speeding charge itself and try to work out a resolution that can preserve your license and/or allow you to be granted broad privileges during any suspension. Contact me with any further questions.

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