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What if i post a weird or creepy status on facebook, and i remove it. can it still get me in trouble?

Garden Grove, CA |

i really like heath ledger that portrait joker from the dark knight so sometime i post a joke quote as my status on facebook like "its not about money..." and something like "everything burn" just for fun but didnt intend to threaten anyone and i feel bad so i remove it but can that be consider a threat of violence? cause i was just amaze of the acting skill of heath as the joker

but not anything like "i will do ..." just some quote the joker said i found online something from this site

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You already posted this question. Did you forget? I answered "That is not the type of threat that should provoke police action. It it what is in your heart that matters, not some aspect of appearance or style. Ignore this social media nonsense and see the real world. My dog welcomed me home. Good to feel welcome. Good to keep the postings polite and to avoid attracting some critic. " Did you not take my advice to ignore social media? Your question is so unclear that you could easily post something troublesome. So, just stop.

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Generally, I would say no. But because people are ultra sensitive to anything these days, you should really avoid putting up anything that might be construed as some sort of threat.