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What if I entered before the age of 16, but I didn't start school right away. What other evidences can be usefull in my case?

Alexandria, VA |

I started school at the age of 21 because when I first came I didn't have family in this country and no body offered me or told me about school by then. I worked as a baby sitter taking care of two kids; 2 and 5 years old. I don't know what other proofs or evidences can be helpful in my situation?

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Can you get: cell phone bills, medical records, doctor's bills, school transcripts, rent receipts, utility bills, employment records, bank records, church docs, parental information, taxes, paystubs, W-2's, 1099's, money order receipts, children's birth certificates, passport entries, letters between you and another person or organization, title and vehicle registration, DMV records, rental agreements, postmarked letters, receipts, and any other relevant documentation.

USCIS has stated even letters between you and another person/organization. Also get affidavits from the parents of the kids you babysat. Dont' give up on this. Think hard.

Ricky Malik, Esq.,


You might qualify .... meet with an attorney to 'brainstorm' ideas on proof/documents.

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you should speak with an attorney, you might still be able to apply, but please hire a lawyer

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