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What if i cant pay my house arrest

Liberty, MS |

im on house arrest and expected to pay $7 a day plus fines every month to my house arrest officer. i have no job and they suspended my DL. what can i do?

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Attorney answers 2


You must go back to court as soon as possible,appear before the judge,and explain your financial condition.Doing nothing will only get you in more trouble.Did you have a job when you first went to court,and were able to pay these fines and houst arrest charges?Did you lose your job because of this conviction,and can't pay these fines/house arrest fees?What ever the reasons tell the court before you are brought in for contempt of court for non-payment.Good Luck!!!


I absolutely agree with the previous answer. I have seen many people stick their heads in the sand and ignore the problem. This is a sure fire way to end up serving the remaining portion in jail. Be proactive and get to court as soon as possible. That is the only way to give you a chance at a fair resolution. Dress appropriatly so the judge knows you are taking this seriously; look the judge in the eye and tell them the truth of your situation.