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What if I cannot show up to court?

Bothell, WA |

I have two diffrent courts on the same day and i will not be able to make it to both, what can i do about this ? my court is in two days and i will not have an attorney so it will just be me representing myself. Thanks.

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You need to tell each court, in writing, that you have a conflict and cannot be in two separate places at the same time on the same day. Each court will want to see the document requiring your appearance in the other court, so make a copy. If you get to one court at 9am, and get finished, you can likely get to the other court before noon and do it that way.

But if you don't advise each court of the issue you are likely to get defaulted and the consequences will be worse than what will happen if you try to get there.

Elizabeth Powell

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Hire a lawyer to help you out by getting a continuance or scratching on one of the dates.


I agree with both answers and letting the clerk and the other side know is the first step. Hiring a lawyer is the second.
Good Luck

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