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What if I can no longer pay alimony due to a change in income?

Colorado Springs, CO |

The court states that even though my income level has decreased I am still required to pay the same alimony as originally agreed upon. And if I don't I will be in contempt of court. What do I need to prove that I am unable to continue paying the same amount and what exactly will happen if I am in contempt of court?

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At the very least, you need to file a motion to modify maintenance and you need to support it with a lot of financial information including a financial affidavit and some 16.2 disclosures like your tax returns and your most recent pay stubs. You need to do this right away and there is no excuse for not doing it (and not paying). If you are held in contempt, you could potentially go to jail - usually you are looking at weekends in jail with work release. I don't recommend that route at all.

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