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What if anything can I do to avoid paying estate taxes?

Oklahoma City, OK |

I'm the sole heir and executor of my parents' estate and would like to know what I can do take pay as little as possible in estate taxes.


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Your parent's should visit an experienced estate planning to determine their best course of action. You cannot really do anything, it is they who need to act. They have to first determine if they are subject to State and/or federal estate tax and determine what tax saving measures they can take in their estate planning (this is usually important to do before either spouse passes away). If one or both of them has passed away there is much less you can do to save estate taxes. From my cursory research OK currently has no state estate tax or state inheritance tax. If your parents are residents of OK they may be subject to Federal Estate Tax but only if they exceed the federal exemption amounts - currently about $10 million per couple, but set to change after this year. Again, have them visit an attorney for qualified advice to fit their situation.

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