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What if a person was arrested under different name?

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i work in sevice field giving rides for people in the city, so i got a question , what if a person was arrested under another name. my friend was arrested under his friends name. he is poor of english and he did not realize what is going on even when he was locked up. what is gonna happen if he will be legalized in the future will it gonna affect on him or not. what is the best way to solve this problem. thanks

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If he was arrested improperly, because they were looking for the other individual then he may very well have a case against the city for false arrest, and i would suggest you contact us immediately on this case.

If he was properly arrested and gave the wrong name, or there was simply an error as to his name then the arres tand conviction will be tied to the fingerprints of the individual and very well may affect any application for immigration in the future


In addition to the information supplied in the previous response, if your friend were to apply for benefits, he would need to truthfully reveal all arrests and provide certified documentation of the disposition of the arrests -- regardless of whether the police recorded his name properly. I hope your friend will engage a criminal defense attorney with knowledge about immigration ramifications in order to defend your friend.

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