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What I would pay is half of 7000.00of unemployment benefits (back pay)from Oregon if you get a decision in my favor.Been denied

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Missed my hearing date by one hour. Lost two (dismissed appeals) definitely would have won had I shown for original hearring, which should not have occured ; employer dishonesty

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You don't appear to have asked a question here, so it's hard to give an answer. (Please see this Guide: .) I don't think we can just take for granted that you would have won if you'd actually shown up; but regardless, if you didn't, then your options to appeal are likely quite limited. You can consult with an attorney in private to see if there's any way around that, but in general, in most legal matters, if you fail to show up for a hearing, unless you can show a VERY compelling reason - a car accident, a mugging, that kind of thing - you're out of luck.

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you should consult counsel in your area


How was the employer dishonest about you missing the hearing?