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What I mean is that the will, the lawyer did not follow the process of filling the will i have a letter sign by my friend saying

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what I mean is that the will, the lawyer did not follow the process of filling the will i have a letter sign by my friend saying he left everything he own to my wife . his sister is Comtempting her brother's will. but she is not in the will. but remember the will is not good can she do that? Can I sue the lower.

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Your summary makes no sense. It is not clear what you think the lawyer did or did not do. What does the letter have to do with anything? Why is the sister contesting the Will? Why is the Will no good? What would you sue the lawyer for?

Please feel free to repost this with MUCH more information, and we will try to help.

James Frederick

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Your question is incredibly difficult to understand. A letter by itself has zero legal significance (with limited exception in a support role). Without the Will or at least a copy of the Will, it will be incredibly difficult to prove your position.

Additionally, you have no legal interest in this probate whether or not the Will exists, so only your wife would be able to file a lawsuit.

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My colleagues are correct. Your question begs for additional facts and a clear presentation. It may help us to answer your question, if you sit down with someone else to re-write the question. That being said, there are also a lot more questions that come up, including, why do you think the lawyer filed the will correctly. Why is the will being contested? What is the letter? Why is the will not good?

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