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What I can do if a non-custodial parent is not present during his visitation rights.

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I have full custody of my 6 year old daughter. Her father has no custody just visitation rights. He has her every other weekend and the option for wednesday night from 5:30-8 p.m. He has never taken her on a wednesday night. Every time i pick her up he is not present and my daughter is with his girlfriend when i get her. He also has the option to have her for 10 days in the summer. He was out of town most of the 10 days and my daughter was with his girlfriend and he lied and said she was with him. Can I do anything in court to prevent this that she has to be with him or a relative and take away his summer visitation rights or change our visitation schedule where he has her one night. My daughter never wants to go to his house because he is never there with her.

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You can ask the Court for a modification of parenting time and also that specific language be added stating that only he or his relatives be permitted to exercise the parenting time.

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