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What happens when your nephew press charges and he is lying, he pressed charges because he is upset for getting caught stealing.

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Nephew and his girlfriend tried to brake in the neighbors house, the grandma stopped them and they both got upset and went inside the grandma's house and started throwing punching at everyone inside, the uncle was upstairs and came down to stop them but they kept going at it, so the uncle had to restrain both on the ground, then he let them go and they started punching and kicking again so the grandma threw their stuff out and the nephew told the uncle that he was going to press charges of murder and sexual assault on the underage girlfriend. There are several witnesses. Should he go to the police station or talk to an attorney, the has been locked up before but is now a working man with a family and is in fear.

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He should definitely hire an attorney to speak with the police. Even if he didn't do anything wrong, you wouldn't want to wait locked up while everything gets sorted. It's always bad to speak the cops without a lawyer.
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Attorney Richard Jones (no relation that I'm aware of) has provided outstanding advice under the circumstance described. Do as has been suggested or run the distinct risk of having this situation spin out of control. Good luck.


Someone is going to accuse him of murder but no one has been murdered? I wouldn't worry too much about that charge. As for the sexual assault allegation, I would say proceed with caution. It might be a good idea for him to have a thorough discussion of the situation with a local defense attorney. People threaten to do a lot of things but never follow through. But if the uncle goes to the police saying, "I think someone's going to falsely accuse me of sexual assault," this might launch an investigation that might otherwise never have occurred. It would be a good idea to have the witnesses write down what they saw now while it's fresh. In case a case a does pop up down the road. That is why I say, proceed with caution.

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