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What happens when your lawyer you paid money to does not show up for your arraignment.

Gainesville, TX |

Waited at the courthouse for my lawyer and he didn't show up.

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Well that stinks. Emergencies do occur but the court should have notified you if he contacted them and informed them of his status. Call your lawyer and find out whether he is OK or what the problem was. You are entitled to an answer.

Good luck.


Well, the judge in Gainesville, Hon. Janelle Haverkamp is a very compassionate person who will listen to people as long as they are respectful of the court. Not showing up to court isn't very respectful, although as the other attorney suggests, there is usually a very good explanation. Defense attorneys juggle multiple counties, courts, and jurisdictions as the practice. Sometimes settings and appointments do get crosswise. Sometimes courts don't always notify attorneys of the date and time.

I agree that you should contact your attorney and find out what happened. I'm sure the court will want an explanation as well. Remember though, you are entitled to the attorney of your choosing. If your lawyer is not satisfying your need, you can contact another attorney and ask them to represent you.

Have the new lawyer explain to you whether or not you are entitled to have some of the money you paid the first lawyer returned to you. The State Bar is very particular about lawyers getting paid if they haven't earned their fee.


Things happen on occasion but you deserve an answer. You hired the lawyer to do a job, and that lawyer should keep you informed. (If there is nothing exceptionally wrong and this lawyer has not contacted you since missing your court date, then I would consider asking for my money back and hiring a different lawyer.)

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