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What happens when you inadvertently omit information on your n-400?

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I was arrested twice in my country during political activities. I stated this on my asylum and I485 forms. They granted both based on that. When filling my form N400 I focused on my US arrest and inadvertently didn't include the political arrests. The N400 interviewer asked me if I had been arrested before I came to the US. I said yes. He asked how many times. I answered correctly. It still didn’t realize I had omitted that info on my N400 and he didn’t ask me why. He told me I would hear from them within 30 days after my file is reviewed. Going home it dawned on me that was the reason he asked about my previous arrests. A USCIS rep told me to send a letter with the omitted info. I worry about the outcome of this. I wonder if it will count heavily against me. What could possibly happen?

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Definitely send a letter (certified mail) to update your answers. Timely retraction is important. Explain it was inadvertent and not meant to deceive. Seeing that you are in the Baltimore district, I am available to assist. If you get an intent to deny, please contact me.

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UPDATE: I didn't do anything as I was still contemplating. They sent me a letter 2 weeks after the interview to come for my naturalization ceremony. I guess they realized it was just an error. I'm now a citizen Yippee! Thanks for all your help!

Cynthia Beth Rosenberg

Cynthia Beth Rosenberg


I am delighted to hear that it worked out, Thank you for updating.


You do have contradictory information with them now. SO if you want to follow the USCIS advice it would not be a bad choice. At least you are showing you are honest which you must. Unless you disclose now, I am not sure how else you could prevent a bad outcome before it is too late. Best Wishes.
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Yes, you must reveal the omitted information.

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