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What happens when you get a dui when your on federal probation?

Saint Petersburg, FL |
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Chances are pretty good that you will be in violation of your federal probation (supervised release). You will be subject to Federal sentencing guidelines for the violation and depending on what you were on probation for, federal judges often sentence people to jail/prison time. You need to fight your DUI as well as the federal charge if you want to beat this. Feel free to contact me as I am in your area and I also practice Federal law.

Craig Epifanio


A new law violation is a substantive violation of your probation and often will result in a violation hearing. Likely you will be allowed to remain out on bond. Your ultimate sentence could be anything from a continuation of your probation to home arrest or even jail depending on the guidelines for your underlying offense.


It very well may be that you would be in violation of your federal probation, i would suggest the best individual to consult with would be the individual attorney that handled your federal matter and ask for their assessment of the case