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What happens when you crash someone's car,you aren't on their insurance, yet it was claimed.

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Hello, I have a question, I crashed into a parked car a while back. The car had the smallest scratch and no one was hurt. I got a "blue" form or a form- St-2, accident crash form and therefore the insurance were called. I now have to fill out a long report for the other insurance of the person I crashed into. What is going to happen since I am not in my dad's insurance yet?

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You or your parents may be liable for the property damage if there is no auto insurance to cover the claim.

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If the other insurance company is asking you to fill out a form, it may mean that their subrogation department is looking to get paid back for repairs to this property damage/scratch. In turn they will pay back their insured for any deductible per the terms of his/her policy. If you didn't have insurance or your car was not covered at the time of the incident, the insurance company may come after you and/or the vehicle owner directly.

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As the operator of the vehicle you are liable for any damages that you cause to persons or property in the course of operating the motor vehicle. The owner of the vehicle is also liable for any damages that result from the negligent operation of their motor vehicle, unless the driver was a non-permissive user or if the vehicle was stolen.

In the instant case, it appears that you had permission to use the car, even though you were not added as an insured on your father's auto policy, because you were a permissive user the insurance company may cover this claim. However, if you were specifically excluded from this policy, then it is unlikely that the insurance company will cover this claim, in which case you and your parents may face the possibility of paying this claim out of your own pockets.

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