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What happens when the victim starts haraassing the abuser and their third party while on a pfa?

Scranton, PA |

my boyfriend ex wife ! doesn't like the fact her ex husband is with me so she put a pfa on him and me and my family contact her but shes calling us ! is that a sign of violation!

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Unfortunately, no unless the order restricts her from contacting you. If your boyfriend had an attorney when the PFA was entered against him, he should discuss this issue with his lawyer. If he did not, then I'd suggest that he consult with an experienced family law attorney in the area to learn what his options are. He may be able to bring the matter back before the court for a modification, asking that she not contact him, etc. I wouldn't try doing this without an attorney though. In the meantime, if the order restricts your boyfriend, you, and/or your family from contacting her, then do not respond to her communications. If there are children involved, there's probably language in the order that specifies exactly how contact regarding the children is to be conducted. One other thought - sometimes the local police will help by contacting the plaintiff and asking her to cease communications if they have sufficient documentation that she has been making contact, but they're not obligated to do so.

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