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What happens when i'm required to attend a traffic hearing?

San Jose, CA |

I was issued a citation ticket for a 1).correctable 12500(a)- unlicensed driver - misdemeanor & 2). 23123(a)- using a cell phone -infraction and required to appear in traffic court. I had a CA driver's license once but has expired since '07 & couldn't renew coz of my status. What will happen when i appear in the hearing? I know i have to pay the fine for the cell phone infraction but what about the driver's license?

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What should happen is the judge will say you are charged with 12500(a) and 23123(a) and that the fine for both is a certain amount of money. You pay the money and you are on your way. Since the 12500 is correctable, you will usually be given the option to get your license come back to court to show the judge you got your license. If you do this, the 12500 could be dismissed or reduced and the fine could be lowered. If you have priors, is you may have some problems. If you have immigration issues, you should hire an attorney to handle your case. Because an attorney can go to court for you and handle the whole thing so you don't have to go to court. You could probably find an attorney to handle this case for less than $1000.


What do you mean you couldn't renew because of your status? What status? To clear the 12500 with the least inconvenience to yourself you'll have to get a valid license. Are there obstacles preventing you from doing that?