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What happens when i fail my interlock

Olympia, WA |

My friend borrowed my car and blew a .140. i have failed in the past but never this sever. this was my second DUI and i'm in treatment classes with a differred prosecution. I have no probation officer.

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Attorney answers 2


You can lose your deferred prosecution and be brought back to court to face the original charge. With such a good chance, there is NO sense in violating in any way.


The ignition interlock company will send in their weekly/monthly monitoring to the court. Since you dont have a probation officer the Judge may set a review hearing for you to address this issue. If the Judge finds that you have violated the terms of your deferred prosecution then it can be revoked and you will be sentenced.

However its been my experience that if you havent committed any new crimes, and you're doing well in treatment then Judges are more lenient when it comes to things like that. So unless you have had lots of positive blows in the IID you should be ok.

If a review hearing is held I would look into speaking with an attorney to get a more detailed response on what may happen at your hearing.

Good luck