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What happens when a marriage based green card is denied and subsequent appeals are also denied?

Portland, OR |

I am currently on H1b and live in Oregon. I moved here last year from Oklahoma. After I moved, I married a US citizen who I met in college. As she is still in college, she still lives in Oklahoma. I am applying for green card but as we live in different states, I am scared it might be rejected. She graduates in May 2013 and then she will move to Oregon to live with me. If I apply and they reject my green card, will they deport me or they will allow me to stay in the US till my H1B expires? I have several pictures, over 2000 facebook messages, emails, joint tax return and car loans, medical and life insurance showing her as beneficiary, several round trip plan tickets. I also have video of our wedding showing all my friends and her family members. Will all this evidence be enough?

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I think that evidence would be sufficient to show that the marriage is in good faith. I would also recommend submitting her college transcripts and proof of your employment, along with an explanation of your situation.


People living in two places are difficult cases. You really need to hire a good lawyer to assist you.


Step 1 hire a lawyer,
Step 2 get married your lawyer will instuct you on documentation
Step 3 have your lawyer file, he will instruct you on the things you should be doing to show the government your relationship is real.

The majority of the time when a 1-485 is denied if there is no criminal history you are not a priority of CIS to deport but you never know how policies may or not be the same when you are done.