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What Happens To Shoplifters From Walmart

Norwalk, CA |

I Was Caught Shoplifting About $30 Worth Of Stuff. The Security Guard Caught Me When I Was Walking Outside And Made Me Go Back Inside. They Asked Me To Take Everythig Out Of My Bag And I Did. After That They Asked For My Name, Birthday And Address, And Said I Was Going To Be Getting A Letter In The Mail With A Fine, And Said It Could Be Up To $200. My Friend Was Also With Me, Even Though She Was No Where Near Me When It Happened They Accused Her Also Because They Said She Was A Lookout. Because Im 17 They Made Me Call An Adult To Go Pick Me Up And My Brother Did. They Scanned His Id But We Live In Two Seperate Place. So Would The Letter Go To His House Or Mine? And Would My Parents Need To Be There When I Pay The Fine? And Will My Friend Be Charged Also?

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You were not arrested and you are not charged with any crime. There is no fine for you to pay. Only a court can issue a fine. What the security guard is referring to is a Civil Demand letter that they will be sending you. You do not have to pay a civil demand letter. It is just an attempt to squeeze money out of you. They will probably send you a few letters and may even call you, but eventually they will give up. It will not effect you in any way if you don't pay.


You know those big cardboard crushers behind the WalMart? Avoid those at all costs...

No, really, it does not sound at all like they are going to charge you. WalMart has all of its stuff back, so they are not really out anything. While the law may allow them to recover with their civil demand letter, I have never seen them sue.

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